Participant Education

“As a plan participant, I want to easily understand how my retirement plan works and have someone to call when I have questions.”

Wellington understands this concern and that’s why we created the BusinessSolutions 401(k) Plan with employers and employees in mind.  With the BusinessSolutions 401(k) Plan, every company receives their own 401(k) Education & Enrollment Center – a website specifically designed for your company.  By having your plan’s forms and educational material (including multimedia presentations) available online, Wellington makes enrollment and account maintenance a quick & easy process for administrators and participants.

Sample Enrollment Site

Participants can log in to and view real-time information about their account, including balances, transactions, and statements.  Participants can also research mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and other economic news, all of which can be found conveniently on the Schwab website.

Participants will also have access to a client service team at Wellington, so you are never stuck with questions you don’t know the answer to.

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