Low-Cost 401k Plan

One of the first things clients ask us is, “How can you offer such a full-featured plan at such a low price?” The answer can be found in the efficiencies of our retirement plan administration software.

Our goal is to provide as much information as possible electronically, and automatically. This helps to eliminate mistakes and provides information in a very short amount of time. Clients use our online secure portal to add new participants, create & submit contributions, view retirement plan documents, and even upload forms.

By allowing clients to transmit data to Wellington electronically, we are able to decrease our costs and yours, and increase efficiency on both ends, as well. Our low administrative fee includes everything you need to run a retirement plan including recordkeeping, discrimination testing, annual Form 5500 filing, and more.

By utilizing our web-based system, and using Schwab to process the monthly statements for plan participants, we can keep costs down and still provide all the features and components that even large 401(k) plans don’t have.

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