More Investment Options

For individual investors, mutual funds offer cost-effective access to professional money management and excellent portfolio diversification. Wellington offers over 3,000 no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual fund choices, along with the research to help your plan participants with their investment decisions. Participant accounts are held at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Schwab pioneered the concept of making brand-name mutual funds widely available to individual investors.

Whether you are buying a new car or investing in mutual funds, we all tend to give a little more consideration to well-known brands. Your employees will have more confidence and feel better about your retirement plan if they see investment options they recognize.

The BusinessSolutions 401(k) Plan provides access to the most well-known mutual fund families including American Century, Janus, Vanguard, Scudder, Fidelity, AIM, T. Rowe Price and hundreds more. Your employees will benefit by having a choice of different investment management styles, rather than being stuck with one fund family, one share class, or an annuity. With such a broad fund lineup, all of your plan participants can easily tailor a long-term investment strategy based on specific investment objectives, risk profile, time horizon and other individual factors.

Schwab also provides the tools that your employees may want to help them make informed decisions. For example, Schwab offers a concise list of carefully pre-screened funds through the Mutual Fund OneSource® Select List which contains funds that meet certain criteria for performance, risk, expense and diversification. Additionally, Schwab also offers investment tools — from the basics of mutual fund investing, to in-depth studies from Schwab’ s research analysts.

Exchange-Traded Funds(ETFs), as well

With Wellington, your investment options are not limited to the 3,000 mutual funds; you can also purchase Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). The biggest benefit to an ETF is their low expense ratios, compared to mutual fund or insurance-based fund offerings.

ETFs are very similar to mutual funds in that the portfolio of an ETF consists of a number of the underlying investments providing diversification similar to a mutual fund. ETFs can allow participants to concentrate on a specific sector of the market, such as technology or emerging markets. Unlike other ETF 401(k) plan providers, we do not limit you to a set number of ETFs — if you can buy it in an IRA you can buy it in a Wellington 401(k) plan.

Plus Stocks, Bonds and Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

In fact, with the BusinessSolutions 401(k) Plan, you can hold virtually any security.  In addition to the over 3,000 mutual fund offerings and ETFs, you can also purchase stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs), just like you can in an IRA.

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