Point-of-Contact Support Team

The biggest gripe we hear from prospective clients with existing plans isn’t always about cost — it’s about customer service. Remember customer service? Remember the days when you could call a phone number and speak with a live person who can answer your question without transferring you to multiple different departments? Wellington has always maintained this now classic level of customer service.

Thanks to the internet, the days of automated telephone systems being an efficient method of collecting information have gone by the wayside. Unfortunately, most companies still expect people to use these outdated system, costing you and your employees’ time that could be better spent expanding your current business.

Wellington implements a point-of-contact support team for you and your employees. From day one you will be involved with the same Wellington representatives that help you design your plan. Not only is this team here to help you with the technical aspects of your plan (ranging from document design, insuring compliance aspects are met, optimizing your plan for annual discrimination tests), but the team is also designed to provide support for your employees.

“How much can I take for a loan, what is a hardship distribution, what is my account balance?” We understand that you don’t always have the answers, but we do!

Are you looking for better customer service for your 401(k) plan? Let Wellington help you and your employees by requesting a proposal today.