Online Administration

If you’re a little nervous about how much work it will be to administer your plan, relax. We handle the majority of the work for you. A 401(k) plan should be as simple as sending in contributions and reporting year end census data for testing. That’s it! And, that’s what we strive for.

With our Online Retirement HQ, managing your plan couldn’t be simpler. Need to update your employee information? A few keystrokes and you’re done. Ready to process payroll contributions? Enter the information in a simple spreadsheet and you’re done! Managing your plan online makes your life easy with streamlined data entry. When you say “go”, we’ll deduct the contributions and repayments directly from your designated corporate bank account, so your employees’ investments will happen the next day.

We offer you a one stop solution to your retirement plan needs. No longer will you have to make multiple phone calls to get the answers you need. Your plan will be monitored by our service team. You always deal with the customer service representatives of that team who will know the specifics of your plan and employees.

Let us help make your job easy.  Request a proposal today by clicking here.